Nuclear Hive

Unity | PC

A top-down 3D Real-Time Strategy Game where you control a hive of mechanical bees! Survive the seasons and gather resources!

- Technical Designer, Programmer

- Designed main gameplay experience

- Implemented main camera control features

- Designed AI for units

Fish Tank

Unity | PC

A four-player king of the hill 3D slugfest, where you control a fish inside a tank!!!

- Gameplay Designer, Technical Visual Artist

- Design and implement main game features

- Design and create a main playable character

- Model and script background art assets



Unity | PC

A cooperative Metroidvania Style dungeon crawler where controls are shared between two players!

- Gameplay Designer, Artist

- Interaction designer

- Character Design and Character Art


Survival Moon

Unity | PC

A top-down old-school style survival horror game

- Gameplay designer

- Character and Mechanical Artist


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