Nuclear Beehive

A real-time survival strategy game with mechanical bees!!


White Duration2.png

Project duration: 

3 weeks


Tools Used:  

Unity Engine,

Visual Studio,



Team Size:  

3 individuals


Design Challenge: 


Create a real-time strategy experience without combat elements. Design and create a smart automated harvester A.I. system that is self-dependant.

My Role:  Technical Designer

I was responsible for designing and implementing the main gameplay loop, Harvester A.I. and the main-game economy.

I designed main game systems, scripted the rudimentary A.I. state machine and implemented the main economy and upgrade system within the game.

Technical Design Process


1. Determine and establish the core mechanic of the game

The core/primary mechanic of the game is the series of verbs (usually 2 to 3) that the players utilize most to interact with the game. In this case, it would be, point, click and drag.


2. From the verbs used in the core mechanic create the base interactions scripts for between core elements in-game

  • Verbs: click, drag, selecting, gathering, depositing, moving, idle (These become the methods for specific scripts).

  • Nouns: Bees, Hive, Resource Node. (These become the physical in-game objects with specific scripts).

  • Adjectives/Adverbs: Resource Cost, Unit Health, Unit Speed, Build time.

  • Upgrade time. (These are the specific variable pertaining to the nouns of which they are associated)


3. Determine the physical in Engine elements to produce a prototype or MVP (minimal viable product).

  • Basic unit (Bees)

    • Unit A.I.

    • Unit Movement

  • Base structure (Hive)

    • Upgrades

    • Unit building functions

  • User interface (Player Controls)

    • Camera selection cursor (mouse to screen)

    • Multiple selections

More to Come Soon